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04 June 2034 @ 03:43 pm

[My Blogcrew claims->1|2]

Most of my ☆posts☆ and downloadable stuffs will be friends-locked after 3 days or more
Catch up while you still can,  you might regret it, 真剣に!
Random adding is ok desu! I want to have more friends here so it's like the more, the merrier right?So pls if you're about to add me, leave a comment when you pass by.

4 things to make me add you back:
一.]Short info about yourself is fine or at least, just tell me your name or nickname.
二.]If we are almost the same! I meant if we have the same interests, hobbies, etc+
三.]Your journal is not completely dead at all!
四.]Pls at least talk to me or leave me a comment if i have something new in my blog. I would do the same thing, yakusoku!

Otherwise, I won't add you back if you won't post a comment in here. Again, I want to be friends with everyone, not as an addition to your f-list.

(。◕‿◕。): artisticartistic
☊♬♪♩☋: Arashi - Kaze no Mukou